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Wounded Heart 11" X 14" original artwork Framed

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The Wounded Heart 11" X 14" original artwork Framed

The healing of a wounded heart is a gradual process that requires time and effort. Even when there's a lack of encouragement from others, it's important to encourage and trust oneself. It's common for our wounds to cause us to retreat within ourselves, but it's in the darkness and shadow where much of our healing takes place. This space offers an opportunity to examine the root patterns that often stem from ancestral trauma. When we heal our wounded hearts, we not only heal ourselves but also generations of wounds and trauma. Therefore, giving up is not an option.


Each time we experience pain, we have an opportunity to heal where generations before us have failed. The strength to persevere is within us, and we must be open to observing the patterns that lead us back to this place of pain. Each opportunity provides a chance to dive deeper into our trauma and heal it. By healing now, we can break the cycle and spare our children from experiencing the same pain.

Placed in a floating frame, ready to hang.