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Wounded Heart 11" X 14" original artwork Framed

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The Wounded Heart 11" X 14" original artwork Framed

The wounded Heart will heal. It takes time and effort. When your heart is wounded, you must know that healing will take place. If encouragement does not come from others, you must encourage yourself and trust yourself.  Never give up, our wounds cause us to sink down into ourselves and that is where much of our healing takes place in the darkness and shadow, it's the only place you have the opportunity to examine the foundations, the root patterns. These patterns often come from ancestral trauma.  When you heal your wounded heart you are not only healing yourself, you are healing generations of wounds and trauma. That is why we must never give up.  Every time you experience it you have an opportunity to heal where generations before you have failed. You have the strength, that is why you keep finding the opportunities. Open your awareness and observe the patterns that bring you back to this place. Each opportunity allows you a chance to dive deeper into the trauma and heal it.  Heal it now, so your children won't have to. 

Placed in a floating frame, ready to hang.