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  • Turbulent Seas - 12" X 24" Acrylic pour

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    "Turbulent Seas"

    Acrylic pour on 12" X 24" stretched gallery wrapped canvas

    Another acrylic pour painting using metallic green paint with white and cobalt blue. This was a collaborative effort with my son, he couldn't resist helping me pour and shift the paint.  We didn't get the intended effect, however, I really like this painting. You can see the layers as the metallic paint sunk to the bottom and the white and blues floated over the top. It reminded me of a turbulent  sea.

    High gloss finish.

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. There will be many more to come.

    Your purchases support my education and my ability to continue to provide painting classes for homeschool students.  

    I have a goal to raise tuition for a business course designed for artists.  I need to sell 50 paintings for $50 each to reach my goal.

    *The artwork copyright is owned by Tina Escobar.  Any reproduction of this artwork must be agreed to, in a separate licensing agreement and in writing, by Tina Escobar.