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  • I am Grandmother Oak - 18" X 24" Acrylic on stretched canvas

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    I am Grandmother Oak

    Acrylic on gallery wrapped stretched canvas 18" X 24"

    I am grandmother Oak, long have I stood with the rising and setting of the sun, day after day, night after night. I long for you to come to me.

    I will cradle you in my branches.

    I will whisper to you of soft breezes.

    I will sing to you of fierce winter storms.

    I will collect cosmic energy with my crown from the twinkling starlight, sunlight and moon glow.

    I will share my energy with you, just hug my trunk and feel it flow.

    Wriggling worms tickle my roots deep underground.

     My leaves quake with joy whenever you come around.

    Listen close, do you hear that sound?

    It is the beating of your heart where love does abound; it contains all the answers you seek.

    Look now, down at your feet, what do you see?

    It is the grass that you cannot see past. Even though you know far below there is an entire Universe so vast.

    I will shade you from the sun when it is hot.

    I will remind you to worry not.

    I will tell you now, don’t be afraid to shed your leaves, I can show you how.

    I will stand for as long as I can, storing energy for every child, woman and man.

     My roots dig deep and my branches reach.

     As above so below. 

    Sturdy and steadfast, I am Grandmother Oak.

    Tina Escobar – Artist at Heart – Long time La Quinta Resident and California native.

    "I am Grandmother Oak" was on display as part of the exhibit "Tell Me a Story: Women in the Arts" from January 2017 through April 2017.