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Foster Creativity - Workshop Sponsorship

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Foster Creativity - Workshop Sponsorship

Each sponsorship you purchase provides a workshop free of charge to a foster child in the Coachella Valley.

Creative arts provide pathways to positive self-expression and can be a valuable coping mechanism. 

Foster children are often overlooked when it comes to providing creative arts for local youth.  Artist at Heart is providing painting and art workshops for foster children who are part of the Voices For Children program in Riverside County.

Research demonstrates that at-risk students who have access to the arts, in or out of school, tend to have:

  • better academic results,
  • greater likelihood of college enrollment,
  • increased self-esteem and resiliency,
  • better workforce opportunities,
  • improved emotional intelligence, and
  • more civic engagement, such as voting and volunteering.
  • provides a sense of control
  • reduces depression and anxiety
  • assists in socialization
  • stronger sense of identity
  • increases self-esteem