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  • Blue Meanie 50.5" X 75.5" UV Blacklight reactive painting

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    Introducing the Blue Meanie, an incredible and captivating UV Blacklight reactive painting that measures a stunning 50.5" X 75.5". This piece is truly a world within a world, filled with numerous entities that reveal themselves when viewed under UV Blacklight.


    The techniques used to create this masterpiece are difficult to describe, but they come together to create a spectacle of specters that will leave you awestruck. This painting draws you in, and its sheer size is enough to make you feel as though you could step into it and be transported to another realm.


    Keep an eye out for the Blue Meanie, a character that turns out to be not so mean after all. The Blue Meanie watches over and protects the warrior maiden and her companion, the blue bird on her shoulder. This painting is truly a work of art that tells a story, and it will leave you mesmerized.


    As the artist, I personally love this painting and often get lost in its intricate details. My hope is that it will find a buyer who will appreciate its beauty and give it a proper installation. This piece deserves to be displayed in a place where it can be admired and enjoyed by all who see it. If you're looking for a unique and breathtaking addition to your art collection, the Blue Meanie is the perfect choice.

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